Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rite of Passage for Kaiah/Rite of Passage Into Motherhood

I am so grateful to God Most High for such a beautiful day on Sunday while facilitating the "Rite of Passage for Kaiah/Rite of Passage into Motherhood for Marta".  I am so full of love and gratitude for Marta, Jay and their family and friends.   The Circle on Sunday was so moving; my heart is so open and filled with love today for my brothers and sisters all over the planet.  How grateful I am to be a vessel of healing for myself and others.   Thank you Marta for trusting me enough to assist you through your upcoming birth and this Rite of Passage of Kaiah.   Your friendship has and is invaluable to me. 

            As I reflect upon Sunday's gathering, I realize that the women did not fully know what they were stepping into, meaning they did not know the deep emotional and spiritual work that would be asked and required of them.  When we take a stand to support and usher the soul of a new being unto this Earth, we must be willing to clean our own emotional debris and mental clutter.  The child within a mother’s womb has already made its agreement to be here in the first place.  I believe we have a duty to provide a safe, authentic, emotionally balanced, mentally clear, and spiritually grounded environment for all children to live in.  In other words, if you know someone who is pregnant, if you are pregnant (being given the privilege of carrying God’s Life) within your womb, then you have a duty to clear out, release the stuff that may be mentally, emotionally, physically holding you captive.  If there is something we need to look at and let go of, we do it.  If there is a new choice to be made, we make it.  If we are an aunt, uncle, friend, grandparent, we must be willing to elevate our own consciousness for the sake of the new life coming forth.  When we do our own internal spiritual work, we live an authentic life and send forth this acknowledgement and authenticity to the soul that awaits to be born.  You see, this soul that is still within his mother, is fully an authentic truthful being, (The Child just "IS") what we need to do is align our energy with the unborn child's truth.   When a child is born, we behold them in such wonder, awe, miraculousness, innocence, love... in truth I believe this is how we're supposed to see one another all of the time.   Living this life, it is not always easy to do this, but this is why we are here, is it not? to behold the Love of God within our brothers and sisters on the planet.

     This Rite of Passage was to anchor an energy of love, compassion and strength as Kaiah makes the descent through his mother's womb within these next weeks.   A group of women anchoring a consciousness of welcome, anticipation, gratitude and acceptance of his upcoming journey and his "purposeful unique expression" in this lifetime.  Kaiah is a child who comes with his purpose intact and he shall remember that which he is to do the moment he exits his mother's womb.  He comes through as a fully consciousness, love-filled child of God Most High... which is who he is.   We all gathered on Sunday to give thanks and praise for his beautiful life.  Kaiah, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to look into our own hearts, speak our truth about our own experience and acknowledge our own divinity, so in turn we acknowledged your divinity.   Dear One, enjoy the warmth of your mother's womb for these next upcoming weeks, I am here now and will be right there the day of your birth anchoring the space of love for you, your big sister Selah, your mom and dad. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purpose and Intention:
My purpose is to be a loving and supportive presence for women during pregnancy and childbirth. My intention is to assist women in having their highest and best possible childbirth experience. For each woman, this experience is uniquely different. Some women will birth their children naturally (without drugs), while others may have some form of medication. Whichever choice a woman makes, my aim is to assist in cultivating a safe and nurturing atmosphere for a laboring woman to go within and access her own spiritual, mental and emotional strength so that she touches the power of her own being to birth forth her child.

Through prayer, meditation and visualization my intention is to be in alignment with the energy of love, health and wholeness and to invoke a conscientious sacred space of welcome for the safe passage and arrival of the child being born.

A pregnant woman is a powerful being. Everything she needs is already within her, from nourishing her child, birthing her child and raising her child. The body knows the precise nutrients to feed the baby in order for it to grow. So, it stands to reason, that a pregnant and laboring woman has the power to birth her child without the presence of another
human being. The presence of a Doula reminds a woman of her strength and allows her to feel nurtured and cared for during this most joyful and extraordinary experience of her life.