Monday, January 16, 2012

Would love to know... What did you experience during labor and childbirth? I'm doing research.


Thank you for responding to my blog.  I am deeply appreciative of your sharing your childbirth experience(s) and story.  At the end of your response, please put your first name or initials and the city, state, country that you are responding from.

I am doing this research because I want to gain greater clarity and insight around the choices a woman makes when she is pregnant, why she makes these choices.   Particularly, women who have birthed before and having done it before, how would you do it differently next time, if you would even change a thing.  If your childbirth experience was traumatic, perhaps sharing it here will give you an opportunity to clear it out of your psychic and create healing for yourself.  If you had a supportive birthing experience, please share that as well.

Did you have the childbirth experience you wanted?  Why or why not.  Please share with me and others your story.  

Did/do you prefer to have a medicated birth (epidural)?  Why?

Did/do you prefer to have a natural vaginal (nonmedicated birth)?  Why?

If you had the opportunity to birth differently, would you?

If you had or have the opportunity to have loving support around you during your pregnancy labor (a doula), would you choose a natural childbirth?

Again, I thank you for your sharing and your time.  

In love and appreciation,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are you Pregnant? And are you Meditating? If not, best get busy sittin Still

"Pregnancy provides you with blessed opportunities to adjust your frequency, and nurture your child growing in your womb.  Include meditation in your daily schedule: create the intention, visualize yourself meditating, arrange the time when you meditate, and encourage yourself.  Establishing meditation in your life now, creates a uplifting habit which will nurture you during the challenging times of parenting. " Conscious Pregnancy