Saturday, May 18, 2013

WAY TO GO CBS!! A Perception About Birth the World Needs to See and Experience and... Not be so Quick to Judge

If you are planning on having a hospital birth, bring the consciousness of a home birth or birth center birth mentality to your hospital birth experience.  (If you do not know how, contact me.) If your hospital does have midwifes, or does not have midwifes, either way, I suggest you hire yourself a birth doula.  New mamas-to-be you are on a journey of pure self-discovery and so much more! Make sure you have loving and conscientious support around you as you give birth to your child and to yourself. Postpartum doulas are a tremendous support as well, if you have multiple children, first time mom or are having a c-section, having a doula support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum will be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself!  Do the research, educate yourself and take charge of your birth experience!
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