Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purpose and Intention:
My purpose is to be a loving and supportive presence for women during pregnancy and childbirth. My intention is to assist women in having their highest and best possible childbirth experience. For each woman, this experience is uniquely different. Some women will birth their children naturally (without drugs), while others may have some form of medication. Whichever choice a woman makes, my aim is to assist in cultivating a safe and nurturing atmosphere for a laboring woman to go within and access her own spiritual, mental and emotional strength so that she touches the power of her own being to birth forth her child.

Through prayer, meditation and visualization my intention is to be in alignment with the energy of love, health and wholeness and to invoke a conscientious sacred space of welcome for the safe passage and arrival of the child being born.

A pregnant woman is a powerful being. Everything she needs is already within her, from nourishing her child, birthing her child and raising her child. The body knows the precise nutrients to feed the baby in order for it to grow. So, it stands to reason, that a pregnant and laboring woman has the power to birth her child without the presence of another
human being. The presence of a Doula reminds a woman of her strength and allows her to feel nurtured and cared for during this most joyful and extraordinary experience of her life.