Friday, April 27, 2012

The Art of Pregnancy

Art: to sculpt; skill, talent, knack, ability... and then there is Fine Art.


I would love to hear about your "Art of Pregnancy" "Your Fine Artistry during Pregnancy" a profound experience(s) that you had during your pregnancy where you made being pregnant a true "Art Form."  
  • How you sculpted yourself to have the pregnancy and birth you wanted?  What did you do? 
  • How did you transform?  
  • What did you innately know to do? 
  • How did you defy old perceptions about pregnancy and childbirth and have the  natural joy-filled birth experience that totally uplifted and expanded you, your partner and your family?!
 I will be posting questions over these next weeks about pregnancy and wanting to hear about your experiences, if you are willing to share.  I am providing support to pregnant women and want to backup our gatherings with experiences that will assist them through their own pregnancy and birth experiences.

Thank you so much for your time! I truly appreciate it!

Much Love!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prayer for Mamas-to-Be

Beloved Pregnant Mamas-to-Be,

May the presence and the power of God consciousness continue to be realized by each of you.  May you birth with faith, power and grace.  May the Adi Shakti energy within you be consciously ignited by your thought and prayerful stance throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth.  May you stand in the knowingness that you can birth naturally; may you be willing to surrender old thought forms; may you be willing to adjust your vision to the absolute wonder and natural possibilities that birth is an honor and privilege, and may your vision be single to this fact alone, and not to the incessant unnecessary chatter of  how others have birthed (especially if their birth story does not support the vision of how you choose to give birth); may you see this passage into motherhood for what it truly is a Divine miraculous moment for you and your family. Pregnancy and childbirth are conscious raising activities, may you elevate your consciousness and attune yourself to the Divine Feminine Essence that you are ~ the I Am Consciousness.  Go forth and birth as the God in you intended it to be.  Blessings.

How childbirth can truly be experienced.... if we surrender and allow

Just one of my favorites and thought I would share it again!