Tuesday, November 5, 2013

UBAC Birth Story

I just came across this birth story and was so delighted to read it that I wanted to share it with you.  This is about a woman who had a previous c-section and is now birthing her second child (or third not sure). She has decided to have an Unassisted Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section. Unassisted means she is having a homebirth with no medical staff present. She only has lay people around her (sounds like her husband, doula and friend).

The reason I am sharing this story with you is because it demonstrates the level of faith and trust that pregnant women must come to embrace. Birthing without fear, means to give birth solely in the energy of love, so that fear does not rule you. If fear does show up, you do not give it power, you become aware of it and acknowledge it and choose a new thought, you work your way through it and return to love. May this story inspire you no matter where you are giving birth, be it at a hospital, at home or birth center.

Daily meditation, awareness breathing, silence without movement will strengthen you.
Pregnant women must learn to sit, breath and be still. From this place, you will come to know,  witness your thoughts and release judgments, you will feel the rhythm of your child, you will feel your inner workings of your own body.
This woman had an unassisted homebirth after c-section!  What this tells me is that she was so dissatisfied with the medical intervention pertaining to her first birth, as it did not go the way she had envisioned, that she was willing to do the profound inner work to trust and stand in what she knew to be the truth. That she could birth from within herself, trust her innate intelligence for the sake of her child. 
I am not suggesting you go out and have an unassisted homebirth or homebirth with midwife, (unless you feel in your soul it is the way you are to birth). But, I am suggesting that you allow yourself to feel the inner strength and courage this woman had to step into in order to make this choice, especially, considering the fact that the previous birth was a c-section! Can you imagined her own internal fears she overcame, the objections, the ridicule, the projected worry and fear she may have received or must have endured because of her choice.  Many of her family and friends could have still been caught up in her previous birth experience and not present with this pregnancy and birth experience. This woman, however, had to be be fully present with this current birth experience in order to have the outcome she did. She trusted herself.


May each of you build your faith and trust in birth by going within to your own silence and listening, by standing upon the shoulders and leaning into the consciousness of the women who have birthed before you and birthed well.

​Infinite blessings,


​If you would like to receive support in your pregnancy, learning to meditate, doula services, pregnancy support sessions or prayer, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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Private Residence, Huntington Beach, CA 
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Book Launch! "Everything I Needed to Know..."

Join us Next Sat., Oct. 19, 2013!

You're invited to join us in the incredible launching of the book that every pregnant woman, first time, second time mom must have! "Everything I needed to Know I Learned from a 6 Month Old - Awakening to Unconditional Self-Love in Motherhood!" next Saturday. There will be a reading, discussion, book signing and reception at Agape!

Multi-published literary author, Kuwana Hausley-Tyler has written another great book, this one is about the birth and journey of parenting her first son, Kingston.  I had the honor and privilege of being her doula and supporting her as she birthed Kingston into this world. I am so humbled to be mentioned in this book. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Agape International Spiritual Center
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA 90230

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Infinite blessings!

p.s. Please feel free to forward this email to those who you believe may be interested in this event. Thank you for your support.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WOW! Life in the Womb! 9 Months in 4 Minutes!


I have some questions? With all of this MIRACULOUSNESS going on within a woman while she is pregnant, why is it that so many pregnant women, believe, choose that they must have medication to numb themselves to get the baby out? Was there numbing medication while creating the baby? As Ina Mae Gaskin said, something to this effect, "The energy that put the baby in will get the baby out!"

What must occur during 9+ months of pregnancy within a pregnant woman? A shift in her psyche and consciousness?  Many pregnant women who doubt they can, are worrisome they can't and don't believe they can do it... birth naturally, without medication. It is time now more than ever for a shift in perception about pregnancy and childbirth, an elevation in consciousness! A development of unshakeable trust and faith! The building of individual and collective spiritual muscle during pregnancy, and/or before. It is time to dismantle the great lie about childbirth "I can't, I won't, I'm not able!" The lie that natural childbirth is for other women, not "me" . Preparation, trust a building of a new conscious awareness so that Love is the dominate energy during pregnancy and at the time of birth. It is time to believe in yourself, to believe in a power greater than yourself to birth forth your baby, but you must surrender, and surrender deeply. 

Client catching her own baby, with Papa's support

There are many women upon the planet who will birth in a myriad of ways for many reasons. Medication, no medication, c-section and these women will make the best choice for themselves at the time. There are many women who have already birthed without medication and are grateful they did. Others have used medication and can't imagine birthing without it and are grateful they did. The choice is each woman's to make. Whichever choice a woman makes (or has made), may it be made in love, without judgment.There are pregnant women who developed health challenges and complications during pregnancy and ended up experiencing medication and/or c-sections. These are very tough experiences and I hope that they can heal the perception of the birth experience and move on to have other children in a healthier way.

I am here to raise awareness that there is an organic way to give birth. It is not very popular, but it is healthier. May you find around you just one woman who can stand with you in this choice, if you cannot, dig deep and stand with yourself and your child that will be enough. You are enough!  I have seen so many women birth without medication (in hospitals, at home, at birth centers, in water, out of water, on bed, on the floor, squatting, on all fours and standing). My goal is to support women in doing the inner work necessary before pregnancy and during pregnancy so that they are deeply anchored in a natural birth consciousness. This means that a woman trusts the natural progression of her pregnant body and truly accepts this. Natural birth is a consciousness raising, self-expansive experience in which a woman is fully engaged within herself and her child. She is listening, she is feeling. She does not make what she is feeling wrong, nor does she try to run from the sensations of labor. She works it. She is committed. For some women, this way of birthing is completely natural to them, it is not an uphill battle to conquer negative thoughts and beliefs. For them it is like water off a ducks back. It just is.

So.... what IS your Love Creating, what is driving your beliefs about childbirth?  Fear? Love? Status Quo belief? A medicated birth is not necessary, required nor mandatory. It is your choice. May you look within, dig deep, do the inner work and trust the innate Love Intelligence that you and your baby are created from. After all, Love IS Creation. ❤

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Makes You Different than.....?

 This past weekend, I spoke at the Living Temple in Huntington Beach and it was a wonderful turnout. One of the questions I asked the pregnant mamas was, "What makes you different from my client who had a natural birth at a birth center on Saturday?" I was speaking to women who were birthing their children in the hospital. The talk was about bringing holistic birth to the hospital setting.

This particular client interviewed with two OBGYNs and two different hospitals and was not happy with either of them or the feel of the hospital. She just felt uneasy. She tried to ignore the feelings and justify the doctors' behavior (the lack of time) spent with her. But, as she progressed early into the second trimester, she decided that she would honor her uneasy feeling and began to research other places and ways to birth. It just did not feel right for her. That is how she ended up at a birth center.

Many have problems with hospitals. I understand that. I happen to see the benefits of both kinds of birthing places. You just have to understand when birthing in a hospital what you are walking into and understand the protocol with knowledge, instead of resistance. Understand, it is your birth and your choice and honor that.

Okay, back to the question at hand. "What is the difference between you who may be choosing a medicated birth and my client who chose a natural birth?"  One mama-to-be answered, "Mindset!" Another participant, a first time father-to-be, answered, "Preparation!"  EXACTLY! There is no difference between a woman choosing a natural birth and one choosing a medicated birth other than the choices she makes, her mindset and hours of preparation she invests in herself and her child. As one woman emailed me to say that she thought she knew what she was doing, she "thought" she understood all that she needed to know. I helped give her something to think about. And, that's a good thing.

May we get to a point, where we do not judge any woman for how she chooses to give birth. What I want to do is educate and affirm pregnant women and let each know that with acknowledgment of your feelings, proper support during pregnancy and during labor, you can go for it! Why not set the powerful intention of a natural birth and then build yourself up during your pregnancy to support that intention? If you begin to build and nurture the love vibration of birth and keep your attention there instead of on the fear and horror birth stories, you can elevate yourself to a new level in consciousness. Conscious support during pregnancy and childbirth are key.

Now, I am fully aware that there are risks to every birth natural or medicated and that the unexpected can happen in either case. However, I believe the best thing to do is go full out. You will never get this opportunity again to be pregnant with "this child."  You may have other pregnancy but never again with this child. I also know that some births do not go as planned. I have had some that have not gone as planned and it can be very disappointing. Never give up, never stop.

So, mamas, when you birth in a hospital, home or birth center, give it everything you've got! Go for it! I hope that you prepare yourself and have really great birth support around you (your partner, a doula, close friend or family member). I have found in my ten years as a birth doula that women who have natural births have two committed support people by their side fully supporting their choice. And... that means, that if within the midst of labor she looks to either one and says, okay, that's it, I need some pain relief, one of them goes to make sure her request is fulfilled. Do your best mamas, lean in, ask for the help of your female ancestral lineage and the countless women who have birthed before you.

May you bring the consciousness of a home birth mentality to the hospital setting.  Women who choose natural birth know that medication is not an option for them. It simply is not a consideration. With that belief, they welcome the birth process and all that it brings and allows them to feel.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Surrender to the Flow of Childbirth

No matter where you choose to give birth, surrender to the flow of the childbirth experience. It is the only way.

Natural birth in hospital requires self-love, commitment, trust and surrender.
She was committed to eating healthy and exercised regularly. Came to yoga even when she felt exhausted cause she knew if she just sat in the space her energy would change. She had the nervousness of many first time mamas-to-be about childbirth. I believe she stated she was more afraid of needles and pain medications then the actual birth experience. So she committed early in her pregnancy to have a natural birth. To set herself up for success she made choices that would support her birth intention which was a natural birth. Healthy eating, regular exercise, hydrating her body, developing a meditative mind throughout pregnancy and prayer. She had a 4-5 hour labor for a first time mom. 

Natural birth in a birth center requires self-love, commitment, trust and surrender. 
This is what happens when you surrender to the flow of childbirth. Their first child was born in a hospital, a vaginal birth but medicated with epidural. She stood her ground and had to fight not to have a c-section and was successful in having a vaginal birth. This second child she chose to have naturally in a birth center. She was very determined not to have the first experience again. With the first birth, she barely felt contractions before getting an epidural, so she did not remember what they felt like and was nervous with the second one. She worked on forgiveness of the first birth experience so she could be present for the second birth experience. Breathing and surrendering.

Both of the women in this blog were deeply committed to having natural births. In their minds, it was the only choice they had.  I just realized that each one of them attended most of my prenatal yoga classes until their due date. If they missed a class, it was due to work or travel and they both would email me that they would not be in class. I was honored to be their doula.  Please use their brief stories to inspire yourself and read any of the other birth stories on this blog. You can do this!

With love,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What is Your Love Creating? What are Your Choices and Beliefs Creating about Pregnancy, Childbirth? More of What You Want or Don't Want? Ummm?

"So your choices, each moment, to operate in fear or to operate in knowing, which is your safety, can assist you in operating in new ways to the extent that you align to the choice to do so. If you stand in your choice in this very second and ask yourself, "Where am I operating from? Am I in my knowing? Am I in my fear? Am I responding out of cultural requirements for my behavior or not? you get an understanding of who and what you are, and the choices that you will then make will be in accordance with your knowing." By Paul Selig, The Book of Love and Creation.

How does this relate to you during pregnancy and birthing your child? During your pregnancy, while you are in childbirth, your choice is to either operate in fear or operate in knowing, which is your safety. By operating in your knowing, means you choose to be in love, to operate from this love, when you are "pregnant" or "in labor."  You are at choice in this very second, to choose anew. You cannot choose anew if you are not aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling. So the questions are as is quoted by Paul above, "Where am I operating from? Am I in my knowing? Am I in my fear? Am I responding to pregnancy and childbirth out of cultural beliefs and requirements... "Childbirth is painful and unmanageable;" "medications must be taken;" "I must feel comfortable during childbirth"; "I don't want to feel any pain;" "Just knock me out!" "You're crazy if you are having a natural birth, why would you put yourself through that?"  "What is a doula, and why do I need one?"  "Do they really help?"  "We can't afford to hire a doula." All of these questions, statements come up because fear is present, either fear of I don't believe I can have a natural birth. The fear based thought that I don't have enough money, and so on."

How is it that pregnancy and childbirth are the  result of two people physically loving one another.  How is it that at the point of creation (orgasmic release), the growth of a child within a woman's womb is filled with such love, miraculousness, and mind blowing joy but as childbirth draws nearer and childbirth more imminent, fear and not love becomes the prominent choice, the familiar and comfortable choice? If you are birthing from your knowing, you love, your childbirth experience will reflect this. If you are birthing from your belief in separation, your fear, your childbirth experience will reflect this. During pregnancy fears can be consciously or unconsciously pressed down, unacknowledged, ignored, affirmed over, and then toward the end of pregnancy, they can surface like a thief in the night.

Acknowledging your fears during pregnancy about childbirth, being aware of your thoughts in any given moment, will help you be honest with yourself. Only when you become aware of what is unconsciously driving you, can you make a new choice.  So many women know what they don't want to experience during childbirth, which is a pitocin, epidural, c-section, but they have not focused enough on what they truly want to experience. What we focus on we call forth into our experience.(It is not good or bad, it just is). You have to be willing to use the nine plus months of pregnancy God has given you and do your inner work, and prepare your spirit, mind, and body for birth.

May your childbirth experience be filled with love, grace and present moment awareness by means of your breath. May you ask yourself, "What am I operating from? Love or Fear." Remember, Love raises our frequency and draws more Love to us.

If you would like to receive support during your pregnancy and would like to set up an appointment in person or phone, please  Angela at 714-965-1694 or doulalovescreation@gmail.com. Sessions are schedule Pacific Standard Time (PST)
For pricing go to: http://www.doulalovescreation.com/services.html and scroll down. Thank you!

Monday, July 22, 2013


The Birth of Giovanni Miguel

Dearest Mini,

I witnessed you on Friday morning, July 19, 2013, peel back the layers of fear and question... I witnessed you surrender and stand without reservation in your God Power, the Divine Feminine within you, that is you, as you birthed forth your beloved son, Giovanni Miguel.  What an incredible journey of faith you demonstrated for yourself, family, friends and all of humanity! I am deeply, deeply honored to have been by your side these past 3+ months.  You my dear Mini are an extraordinary and beautiful woman. I have the photos to prove it!  I witnessed a wife and her husband, a mother and father birth their son together. Your beloved husband, Martin is God's humbled man in service to his wife and his sons.  His heart so full of joy to be the first human, the first human! to put his hands on his son as Giovanni was birthed into this world.  What an extraordinary moment for Giovanni to have his father catch him as he gently spilled from his mama's sacred womb, the home he shared with you for nine months. What a powerful and relief-filled moment to have his papa right there to catch him. I am sure that your son Giovanni will never forget the moment of his birth, I certainly will not. 

As Giovanni was in two worlds at the same time (the visible and invisible), and being fully supported by both his parents, his father gently cradling his emerged head in his hand until the rest of his body could come out; while you patiently waited for the next birth wave (contraction) so that you could completely release him from your womb.  This is the only time during pregnancy (during labor) where a mother and father can simultaneously physically touch their child at the exact same time while the child is still in the womb. This was so breathtaking to watch.  You and Martin worked as one as you both birthed your son. He held every part of you up during your birth experience.
This was phenomenal to behold. After Giovanni was completely in this world, the two of you barely spoke. Time stopped, others ceased to exist except for the three of you. There was a deep silence of gratitude where only the energy and activity of love rang out. It was palpable.  Thank you Mini, Martin and Giovanni for allowing me to yet again, bear witness. I am deeply grateful.

Welcome to the world Giovanni, you've come to do great things!

Birthed at South Coast Midiwifery in Irvine.


(Read and click on link below!)

The world was glued to the national news about Kate and Prince William's engagement; we were glued to the television when they married; and once again we will be glued to the television to hear any announcement pertaining to the birth of their first child, the future King or Queen of England!  

A major change in the way women view birth in American and the way they give birth in America may occur because of this beloved woman, the Duchess of Cambridge and her Prince! Many around the world copied her engagement ring, copied her wedding dress.... well.... don't stop there! She is birthing her child in the UK where they offer FREE prenatal care and birthing to all women, not just for the rich or just for the duchesses! And... the primary care persons are Midwives! Now in Kate's case, she has two OBGYNS to care for her and baby. (Personally, I believe a midwife is more than qualified to support Kate during her birthing. Maybe when the next heir is born, they will have an OBGYN and Midwife present... I can hope.)  Even though she has two Obstetricians, I would dare venture to say that the Royal Family (Kate and William's choice, ummmm?) will do all things possible to make sure that this child is born in the healthiest way possible, meaning with as little to no medical intervention during the birth process.  We may never know how she gave birth, natural, medicated or c-section.  I write this article because where Kate is concerned and no matter what she does or where she goes, she impacts the world, especially, young pregnant women and the future mother's in American! So mamas-to-be pay very close attention to how other women in other countries are birthing their babies!  The U.S. used to believe and birth in this way.

If many in the world did not know this, they know now because of Kate's pregnancy that the UK provides FREE prenatal care and childbirth to all women, plus, MIDWIVES are the PRIMARY CAREGIVERS during PREGNANCY!  So it seems that most women in the UK (and in most other countries, except America) believe in "natural childbirth," allowing the woman's body to do what it was meant to do, which is to give birth naturally without medical intervention.  

Click on the link below to see for yourself:


(Note: If you are a healthy pregnant woman, the baby within your womb is healthy, may I highly suggest that you choose the natural way to birth, it is healthier for you and your baby!  Choosing  natural childbirth requires you to be fully responsible and conscious of your choices) (For those pregnant women who are experiencing challenges during pregnancy, your choices are quite different, but are equally conscious and infused with great responsibility and tough choices. May you make the best choices you can and be in acceptance of your own unique pregnancy and birthing journey.)

Blessings, love and light to each of you.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birth of Baby Ethan! Birthing, Releasing, Allowing, Forgiving.. Gratitude!

Susie birthing baby Ethan and 
Ethan birthing Susie
TODAY, Saturday, June 21, 2013 is Ethan's Blessing, I have the honor of officiating! So grateful I am!
Below is what I wrote a year and a half ago.
Blessings to my clients and their new baby boy, Ethan!
Born, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Susie Borja is a PHENOMENAL WOMAN! To quote Susie, "It was Easy Breezy." Your faith, conviction, trust and surrender to that innate power within you saw you through the birth of your beloved son. 

My heart is so full, so happy and filled with love for you, Patrick and your family! You labored with such grace and ease. The whole day you were serene and anchored within your loving. I saw you embrace each contraction and breathe through it. You validated your son and trusted him (that he would know how to move through you), and your body every time you took a deep inhale and exhale with each contraction. Never did you lose faith, falter, waiver or allow fear to get the best of you. Nor did you whine, complain or try and rush the process, you allowed. 

You birthed the way I pray many women will again remember to, you focused on the Holy and Majestic child of God coming through you instead of fixating on the "perception of pain" during labor. You and Patrick held a vision and met it. Congratulations on an EXCELLENT job well done! It was my honor and privilege to support you and Patrick through this journey. 

I am deeply humbled and grateful. Thank you!

I Love You All!
What a joy to behold a woman as she births and has the birth she so truly wants.  My prayer is that women realize they can birth naturally if they choose to.  Of course, there are unique circumstances where a baby must come through with emergency birth procedures or have a pre-scheduled c-section.  (I believe all births in whatever form they occur are an predestined agreement between that child and its mother).  
May each woman be willing to move toward pregnancy and childbirth with a new set of eyes, with deeper surrender and trust in herself and the birth process.  May she be willing to heal old wounds and thought perceptions about birth that are filled with fear, drama, trauma, "no one births like that anymore, mentality."  May she find her own voice and hear the whisper of her own soul on how to birth and not listen to the voices of women and men who believe that birth is painful and that an epidural is mandatory.  Not!  Harmonious childbirth can be done and done well, without medication, but there must be a shift in consciousness and a willingness to get support so that one firmly pushes through the old thoughts of fear that do not support the loving intention to birth naturally.   
There is no wrong way to birth, but there are conscious and unconscious approaches to everything in life.  These writings are not to perpetuate guilt about the way one has birthed or will birth, but to offer a new reality and ultimately forgiveness toward oneself, pertaining to birthing or any situation in our life where we could have chosen differently and did not.  May we  forgive ourselves if we are still holding judgments, regrets about our past choices. We each do the best we can with where we are in consciousness at that particular time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I STAND WITH YOU! I stand with you Pregnant Mamas-to-Be!

As a doula, I stand with you, pregnant mama-to-be! I stand with you! I stand with your unborn child, I stand with your husband or partner, I stand with the grandparents, I stand with the aunts, uncles and cousins, I hold a space of prayer and love for your entire family as the next generation is birthed.  This is my passion, it is my calling, it is what I do.  Pregnant mama, even though I may not know you, and for those I do know, I hold a space of love and support for you. I stand with you!

This past weekend, I had a lovely and honest conversation with a new mama. Her baby is now seven months old and just a cutie pie! 

She began talking about her birth experience and I asked her if she had a doula at her birth, she said no. She also told me that she had been given my business card around her 3rd month of pregnancy but she never called me. I asked her why and she said it was financial and that during that time, she and her husband were having financial challenges.  She was in labor for about 20 hours or so, the hospital was "strongly suggesting" an epidural and she eventually gave in and got one. Thankfully, she did not have a c-section.  She confessed that she wished she had called me. I told her, I wished she had called me as well. She began to tear up because she realized that she could have done things much differently, and she would not have allowed the money to be an issue.  (Note: I am not against women receiving epidurals if this is "her" choice.  What I want to support women in doing is making informed choices so that they can go all out for themselves and their baby and stand in having the birth they truly desire to experience.) It is important to give 100% of yourself to this pregnancy and birth experience. When you do this, you will feel you've done your best postpartum. I have met so many women who were in regret, remorse for not having the birth they truly wanted. If this happened to you, please get the help you need, share the experience, forgive yourself and the hospital staff or individuals that participated in your decision making.

I informed her that when a woman wants to hire me, really feels it in her heart and money is an "issue," I work with couples to set up payment plans, make monthly payments that are doable for them. A payment schedule that supports them, as well as myself. I share this story because we can all make excuses as to why we cannot have this or that. You only get one opportunity to birth the child you are currently carrying within your womb. Now, you may have other pregnancies, but you will never get the opportunity again to carry and birth the child that is within you right now, so you might as well go full out!

Mamas-to-Be, it is so important for you to set the intention to have the birth that you truly want. Just like this young woman, she had been given my card 6 months before she was due and she did nothing with it. She did not even bother to look at the website. I felt her regret through the tears she shed. I reminded her that her daughter is healthy and all is well.  Many times, we are being given a lifeline we don't even know we need. We must begin to pay attention when things are suggested or given to us. It could be the opportunity that we didn't even know we were looking for!

If you find yourself reading this blog and have the same concerns, I invite you to take a leap of faith!  Wherever you may live in the world, find a doula near you that you resonate with and allow her to support you!  Make a choice based from your heart and soul and not from your pocketbookYou NEED to be, you MUST be and you DESERVE to be fully supported during your labor and child's birth. Nothing less will do!  When a woman is in labor, she is birthing from her heart and soul, not her purse or wallet. Many women choose a birth doula based solely on their finances. Their heart (their intuition) may have communicated to them, "Yes! that is the doula for me!" But, in her fear-based thinking, she cannot get past the money or communicate effectively enough to her partner, the importance of having a doula at their child's birth.  Every woman wants to give birth knowing she is fully supported emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. (If you have a family member, friend who can hold space for you as you give birth and they are able to not make the birth about them, Excellent!)

This young woman further shared with me how her husband was exhausted, getting impatient with the nurses and was stressing out toward the end because he wanted his wife to experience a natural birth, which is what they both wanted.  I shared with her that when a doula is present, the man/partner gets a much needed nap or naps! Your partner will then be more rested and fully present for you and your child.

As a doula, I stand with you, pregnant mama-to-be! I stand with your unborn child, I stand with your husband or partner, I stand with the grandparents, I stand with the aunts, uncles and cousins, I hold a space of prayer and love for your entire family as the next generation is birthed.  This is my passion, it is my calling, it is what I do.  Pregnant mama, even though I may not know you, and for those I do know, I hold you in an embrace that you may not have even been fully aware of what you need now is a third person present at your birth that supports you, your partner and your child coming into this world. 

Now... go find yourself a doula to support you!  After reading this, you can never say again, you did not know.  Best of luck to you!   

Now... with that said, not every woman will need a doula. There are women out there who are up on their pregnancy from beginning to end. These are the women holding space for themselves and you. Work it out warrior woman!!     

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Natural Birth-A New Mama's Experience

A New Mama's Experience of Natural Birth

I was completely convinced that I could have a natural birth.  However, I was not completely convinced that I would have a natural birth.  I tried to go into it with an open mind, because if I was unable to have a natural birth due to things out of my control, I did not want to set myself up for disappointment or regret.  I was 100% committed to trying to have a natural birth and doing everything possible to make it happen.

Everything for me was my breath.  I kept my eyes closed and tried to block out everything around me, while being completely in touch with everything at the same time.  I was always aware of my surroundings, and spoke up for what I needed (either quietly or verbally).  But my focus was on my breath and only my breath.  There were no words or thoughts, just breath.  When I had thoughts (be they positive or negative), I just let them pass and tried to bring my focus back to my breath.  I did have both positive and negative thoughts.  Most of my negative thoughts were before your (my doula's) arrival, when I found out I was only 3cm, and when I was going through transition.  These thoughts came from a place of exhaustion and fear.  I'm sure you remember all of these time periods.  I was able to be less focused in between contractions and I was fine with others speaking during those times, but during the contractions all I wanted to do was focus on my breath and to go into that space.  I pulled from a place that was all around me, and within me at the same time.  It is hard to put into words.  I went to a place I have never been before.  It was a place of deep strength, power, and complete serenity.  A place of complete surrender and complete focus without focus... if that makes any sense.  I think it was dhyana (moments of it anyway). 
Natural childbirth was the most intense experience of deep Love I have ever experienced.  I think everyone can have a natural childbirth, but they have to really want it.  It is unfortunate that our society breeds so much fear into women about childbirth.  I do believe that our bodies are built for bringing babies into the world, however, sometimes the unexpected happens.  I am grateful for western medicine and its ability to save lives.  I do think there are way too many interventions in childbirth, but sometimes they are necessary.  I also think it is unfortunate that women beat themselves up when these interventions are necessary and they are not able to have a natural birth experience.  The most important thing is that both mama and baby are healthy and survive.  I wouldn't change my experience for anything.  I am grateful that my body allowed me to have the experience of a sober, conscious childbirth.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

Dhyana a state of consciousness in which the observer detaches from several qualities of the mind. In this state the mind has become firm and stable and the ability to concentrate is greatly enhanced. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Mama's Birth Love Story! The Power of Natural Birth!

The Power of Natural Childbirth!

"Thank you mama"

"I was convinced that woman could do it. I relied on the fact that we are built to do this.  God designed us to do this. Yes He promised us that childbirth would be painful, and he also promised us that He would not put more on us than we can bear. I held on to those words to pump myself up to do it. Once I understood woman could do it, I then personalized it and realized I could do it.  I also Googled the negative effects of an epidural and the impact it would have on my child. I hate needles so I also Googled images of the epidural needle to totally convince myself to stay away from it. Once I prepared myself as much as possible, including watching the Business of Being Born, watching water births on YouTube, taking a hypnobirthing class, etc., I was convinced that I could do it!  I was 100+% committed to having a natural birth!!!!  Having my husband on board and just as committed was very helpful as well. 

I had mixed feelings. When I was in the middle of a surge I thought whoa this is intense, how much longer is this going to last.  When is the baby coming? How come I'm not dilating more/faster? But once the surge passed I was thinking, ok, that wasn't too bad, I can do this.  I managed by breathing deeply in and out, staying in my breath, prayer, and the excitement of finally meeting our little one. I also replayed parts of the hypnobirthing class in my head. I stayed in the breath and went so far in/deep inside that I just remember closing my eyes breathing in deep when a surge started and then not remembering anything until the surge passed and my eyes re-opened. It was also very helpful having my doula (Angela) and my husband there with me coaching and encouraging me along the way. It was very helpful having my doula (Angela) to remind me not to tense up when the surges got very intense. 

 I had mixed thoughts and feelings, more of joy and excitement and questions about the unknown. I felt a little disappointed that we did not have a water-birth at the birth center and had to be transferred to the hospital and had to get pitocin because my uterus was sluggish. But by that time we got to the hospital, I just wanted a safe and healthy delivery naturally.  By that hour my biggest concern was getting my baby out safely w/o the result of a c-section. I stayed positive. I knew that any negative thoughts would only worsen the situation.  So I stayed positive and prayerful. I prayed that God would get Ethan here safely, that I would be healthy, that Ethan would be healthy, and that he would arrive naturally. I prayed that I would dilate more. 

I hold natural childbirth as something very sacred and near and dear to my heart. I advocate for natural childbirth for every woman. I believe every woman is capable if properly prepared. I get excited when I hear of other woman that have and/or going to have/plan a natural child birth. 

Every woman has a choice. I believe that every woman should do her research before she chooses. Informed consent is very important. To choose medication as your first option without informing yourself is not fair to the woman or her unborn child. I would encourage woman to avoid medication by any means necessary."