Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prayer for Pregnant Women and Women in Labor Everywhere!

Dear Lord, Beloved Mother,
So many women upon Your Earth within Your Universe question their ability to birth forth "Your" child within her (Your) Womb naturally. I ask Dear Lord that You hold each of these women  close now and help them to truly see themselves as Love sees them, as Grace sees them, as You, Divine Mother see them.  Gently expand her third eye so that she truly sees. My prayer is that each pregnant woman moves out her head and busy mind and drops deeply into her heart, where the Spirit of the Living God, the Divine Feminine resides as Love as her. Dear Lord, I thank you in this moment for teaching your divine loving pregnant and laboring Mama-to-be that she can and was meant to give birth in the energy and activity of Love that she is! Thank you that each pregnant woman has within her the power, strength, focus, gratitude, loving and open heart to maintain, breathe, surrender and allow her child to come through her with grace. Thank you Beloved for teaching her that the belief about "pain" experienced during labor is part of a collective projected perception that many human beings have bought into manifestation based on years of fear and unconscious thoughts about the birth experience. Thank you Lord for teaching each of these women how to be present, how to feel her emotions now and while in labor so that she can decipher when she is centered and calm and when she is not.  Thank you for helping her to see and embrace that she will work while in labor like never before, but she will do so, with love, like never before. Help her to truly know in her soul that the collective race thoughts about labor and childbirth do not have to be her reflected experience. Thank you for revealing to her sacred mind that the experience of labor and childbirth is not to her detriment, but to her and her child's health and healing as she wholeheartedly passes through the Holy and Sacred Portal of labor into motherhood. Thank you Lord. And so it is. Amen.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Find the Right Doula for You! What people are saying about Angela Brown and DoulaLove'sCreation!

Heart-Centered, Spiritually Grounded Pregnancy & Childbirth Support! Mamas-to-Be, Know that this is What You Deserve to Receive!

 Hugs and loving support for mama throughout the laboring process
Prayer & Surrender

“I am ever so grateful for you!  Thank you for allowing me to reflect your love, patience wisdom and dignity.  What would I do without you?  Really!  Thank you for being an anchor which allowed me to bring forth and birth my babies at home in a loving space.” ~Love, Marta, Jay, Selah & Kaiah, Costa Rica

“You got my stalled labor going! Through your prayers and visualization, my stalled labor began and ended 4 hours later! Your massage through every contraction was crucial for me!"  ~Kelly, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Despite how well informed I was about the process of pregnancy and birth, my belief that birth is natural and excitement for my own child, early on, I experienced anxiety and wavering self-confidence.  I knew that if I continued through my entire pregnancy in such a negative mental and emotional state, I was headed for a difficult pregnancy and a long, complicated "labor."  So, I went on a search to find a Doula.  She had to be someone who could look me in my eyes and remind me of what I already knew, that I could do it, as women have before me since the beginning of time.  I know for a fact that having  Angela, a spiritually grounded, naturally intuitive and supportive Doula assisted me in tapping into the confident and radiant birthing woman that I am, which allowed me to experience a completely natural, powerful and effortless 2 ½ active labor (3-10 cm) birth.  Not bad for a first child!  I Love you Angela” ~Sayida, Covina, CA

 "I am so grateful you were a beautiful part of my daughters birthday, a day I will never forget.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support during my labor. From the moment we met during my pregnancy and throughout my labor, you were there for me both physically and emotionally.
I never imagined such commitment and endurance from anyone. You helped focus my energy on giving breathe to my baby. You held my hand, massaged my back, in Hebrew we say Dayenu! You breathed with me and always gave me encouraging words and prayer. You believed in me and the birthing process giving me the confidence and strength I needed. Lack of sleep didn't keep you from giving me your all. My labor transformed me, and I feel more powerful as a woman because of it. Thank you for helping me realize my dream. You are an incredible and beautiful person, and I felt truly loved and supported by you.  Love and gratitude,"  ~Cara, Redondo Beach, CA

 "We connected on a spiritual and emotional level, and it gave me confidence knowing you would be there to assist me.   This confidence enabled me to have great strength during my daughter’s birth. I was very grateful that you were my doula. You were supportive during and after the birth."
~Rachel, Los Angeles, CA

 “Angela Brown was more than I ever could have wished for in a Doula. She was incredibly loving, she brought strength to both Ken and I, and her prayers filled us with the love of God... she made me feel like I could really give birth like a champ. Angela is God’s gift to delivery. I love her.” ~Dawn, Studio City, CA
               Supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth is my life's passion. People ask me all of the time, I don't know how you do it. The unpredictable hours, up in the middle of night, home two days later, women yelling and out of control... I let them know this has not been my experience.  I love this work!  I am called to this work by way of my soul. It is not about the hours, time, emotions of a pregnant woman, etc. It is about the love I have for honoring a new life when he or she comes into this world. It is about anchoring a consciousness of unconditional love for a pregnant and laboring woman when she has moments of doubt, confusion, and fear. It is about anchoring a high vibration and prayer vibration for the new souls coming through. These new babies coming through require that we are spiritually grounded and connected to our God-Source. We must be aware of the Intelligence that we are, we must know that Love is the only energy required at childbirth, we must know that fear is not real and has no place in birth.  It is about reminding pregnant women that they have the power, strength and grace to birth forth their child in the energy and activity of love. Childbirth takes time, takes work, takes patience, takes deep surrender of a pregnant woman's perceptions and judgment about yourself.  

In gratitude and love,